Colors in the Wind

Released April 21, 2020

Produced by Jonathan Clark

An eclectic collage of modern rock music including a cover of the Sex Pistols Song "Submission".

Michael Fitz


2018 - Damn Good Man (Michael Fitz)

2014 - Poetic Justice  (Michael Fitz)


2008 - Eyes of a Child (Michael Fitz)


2007 - Everything Must Change (Michael Fitz)

2006 Never Look Back  (Michael Fitz)  


2006 Living With War  (Neil Young) 

1998-Start Talking  ( Fitz-Mings)  SOLD OUT!

1996 -State of the Heart (Michael Fitz)  SOLD OUT!


1994-A World Without Tears (Michael Fitz)  SOLD OUT!


1990 -Manic Dancers (Blindwilly)  SOLD OUT!

1989 - Hey Man ( Blindwilly)  SOLD OUT!

1986 -Bizarre Situations (SMRevue)


1985 -Black and Blue (Michael Fitz)  


1984 -Another Sacred Cow (Michael Fitz)                                              


1983 -Down the Line (Michael Fitz)                                                          


1983 -Slightly Demented  (Michael Fitz)


1982 -Dirty Cheater (Michael Fitz)


1982 -Walking the Baseline (Michael Fitz)


1981 -Rude Awakening (Michael Fitz)  




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